Lew's Canoes


Lew Markle is a builder of traditional wood/canvas canoes.  Since 2001 he has operated “Lew’s Canoes” from his home in South Wales, NY, about 15 miles SE of Buffalo.  Lew is a member of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (www.wcha.org) and the Wooden Canoe Builders Guild (www.wcbguild.com). In addition to running the canoe shop, Lew is frequently asked to lecture to groups who are interested in the history and building/restoration process of wooden canoes.  He offers private and group canoe building lessons at his shop, and is pleased to be working with the Buffalo Maritime Center on their boat building program.

Lew's Commitment to Quality

"Each canoe that leaves my shop, whether it is a new canoe or restoration, reflects my commitment to craftsmanship and the continuation of the heritage of the wooden canoe. I use the finest materials I can find and methods that were perfected a century ago. My goal is to build a combination of beauty, strength, and simple elegance into each of my canoes, so that you and your family can enjoy it for generations to come."

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